We believe that every company is a publisher: all businesses are creating content on a daily basis, but the question is whether that content is truly starting conversations, representing your interests, and leading to measurable results. That’s our starting point. Our background as journalists informs our marketing approach, helping to bring out your company’s messaging across all types of content and then distributing that message efficiently.


With 20 years’ experience in journalism and marketing, Alex Ionides started Silx in 2015 as a new approach to digital marketing in the Gulf. Leveraging long-standing working relationships, he brought together a diverse group of talent from the UAE and UK – incorporating former journalists, creative writers, digital marketing managers, content planners, SEO consultants, and more.

Alex Ionides

Managing Director

Kris Evans

Creative/Editorial Director

Nicos Kountouris

Finance Director

Holly Woolston

Content and Publishing Manager

Samir Sheik

Digital Platforms Manager

Marcus Sanigar

Senior Copywriter

Fiona Hanks

Conceptual Copywriter

Tim Glynne Jones


Madeleine Bailey


Ettie Holland

Content Marketing Writer

Kathryn McCann

Content Marketing Writer

Dan Hanks

Content Marketing Writer

Ian Lavis

Content Marketing Writer

Lauretta Ihonor

Content Marketing Writer

Matt Dawson

Content Marketing Writer

Victoria Hattersley