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Five ways to think like a content marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do we make the transition from marketer to content marketer? Aside from acquiring new skills, we also need to adopt a new mindset, to really appreciate our new task. Our view of the marketing function needs to shift from one of delivering promotional messaging to one of providing a service. That service is content. […]

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It’s 2018 and content marketing is crushing it. Gone are the days that businesses depend solely on advertising to drive sales, grabbing people’s attention by talking (or shouting) at them everywhere they turn. Customers don’t like it, and have had enough. Now the money is in helping people. Connecting with them through blog posts, ebooks, […]

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3+1 Pillars of content marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The best way to deal with content marketing is to get your head around the core elements and just start building out your framework. That’s what I call the ‘3+1’ pillars of content marketing, which we use for our client strategy and content workflow. Many people are needed to carry out a full content marketing campaign, […]

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