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Nobody cares:
Why taking an honest look at your expertise can boost your content performance

It’s 2016. We’re doing content marketing for a client. They want an article about Leicester City football club and their rise to the top of the Premier League. Or rather what business people can learn about great team-building from the club’s rapid ascent. You’re already bored, aren’t you? Here’s the problem: The client is a […]

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Infographics are a go:
Three reasons you should add them to your content plan

As businesses catch on to the importance of content marketing, it’s becoming more crucial than ever to produce content that people really remember. That means getting your message across, as quickly and creatively as possible. Sure, infographics have been around for decades. But we’re only now seeing how useful they are when integrated into a […]

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Five ways to think like a content marketer [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do we make the transition from marketer to content marketer? Aside from acquiring new skills, we also need to adopt a new mindset, to really appreciate our new task. Our view of the marketing function needs to shift from one of delivering promotional messaging to one of providing a service. That service is content. […]

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