Category: Content Marketing

No content marketing?
You just handed the market to your competitors

Imagine that your competitors are putting out engaging, relevant, high-quality content almost daily. They are working hard to grow and engage with their followers across social media, build their email subscriber list, and warm up to the traditional media in your space. In their efforts they are getting their content not only in front of […]

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Look over here!
How to write headlines that work

The importance of strong headline writing was well known long before the worldwide web was even a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye, but the internet – and the rise in digital content marketing – has required headline writers to refine their art further still. No matter how strong the content of an article, the headline […]

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In the mind of the reader
Why mediocre content suggests a mediocre product or service

Writing involves a lot of work. Getting your message across with the impact you want means lots of time researching, re-reading, tweaking, reordering, cutting – and sometimes starting over because, well, that idea just didn’t work. In the age of content marketing, where informative, journalistic content makes up the vast majority of your overall content […]

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