Category: Digital marketing

Why should business leaders write content?

Picture the scene. You’re at a major conference. You are there to network with your peers, to talk to potential clients, perhaps you’re even doing a presentation yourself. Over the course of the day or days that you spend at the conference, you will introduce yourself a number of times. Now, imagine what you hear […]

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Mobile vs desktop content:
How can you get them both right?

When creating our mobile and desktop sites, we spend significant time deciding how their designs and structure will differ. But what about the content? Should we consider the differences here as well? The short answer is almost certainly no – Google’s Developer Guide doesn’t mince its words: “Make sure that your mobile site contains the […]

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CTA secrets
You may be calling, but is anyone listening?

If your content marketing programme is up and running, with high-quality, relevant content being published on a regular basis, you’re well on your way to building an audience of potential customers. But are you reeling them in? Content marketing without an effective call to action (CTA) is like fishing without a hook. You keep throwing […]

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