3 considerations when mailing content

So you wrote some great content and you want to mail it out. What factors are involved?

1. Should I segment my mailing lists? Easy answer: yes! There’s some content you don’t want to be sending out to your entire mailing list. Have a segmenting plan and share some content with prospects, some with customers, others to a specific certain demographic…

2. Should I send emails with multiple content blocks or should it be one article at a time? We’d vote for a singular, focused approach. You don’t want an email linking to five different articles at once. Always keep it simple. It’s what todays’ audiences prefer.

3. How often should I send out newsletters? Tricky, but the answer is as often as you have something quality to say. Thought leadership can go out multiple times a week if it’s high quality, but if you’re just promo pushing, best to ease up on the email send trigger.