3 costs of not doing content

If you’re not doing content, it’s costing you. Here’s how:

1. You’re not communicating your true value: Content lets you demonstrate the value of your offering – sharing your wealth of knowledge, and demonstrating to your audience (of customers and prospects) the depth of your expertise. Without content, you’re not separating yourself from competitors.

2. You’re wasting money on social and email marketing: Without informative content, most social pages are meaningless. Same goes for email send-outs. People will simply scroll past or delete. But if you fuel these distribution channels with high-quality, informative content – then you’re having real impact with your audience.

3. You’re not improving your company and offering: When content is done right – with input from upper management – it helps you gain a deeper understanding of your company, your offering, and how you are perceived. Content gives you a clearer view, which you can use to make key changes.