3 Q&As to prove content’s value

We know that content adds value to the marketing chain. But sometimes it’s hard to articulate why. Enter three Q&As that remind us that content really is king.

1. Where would your digital footprint be without content?

Well, your digital marketing reach would be severely lacking. There would be nothing of substance to send out via email or share on social media.

2. How do you share the benefits of your products and services without content?

You can’t! If you sell plants, for example, you don’t just tell people you sell plants. Boring. Salesy. Instead, you share content about how to care for plants or how to work plants into your interior design.

3. How much less effective would your sales team be without content?

Far less effective. Because you can’t nurture leads without content. Nurturing (AKA chasing) with content closes more deals. Lots more.

There, value proven in 1,2,3.