3 reasons why content beats promo

Sure, promo messaging has its place. But informative content rules. Here are three reasons why:

1. It’s how you speak to actual customers.

Say you visit your GP – would you expect them to sell to you or discuss your health? Obviously the latter. So when it comes to content, inform rather than shouting about discounts.

2. It’s a gift before a sale.

Knowledge is power and content shares knowledge. Say you’re an online beauty seller, providing free beauty tips is the content that prospective customers want to see. Content gives value and in return for your gift, you’re more likely to get a sale.

3. It’s the only thing prospects want to receive again and again.

We all love a discount but promos clog up channels on a daily basis. Receiving insightful content gets the thumbs up. People love free stuff.

Promos alone are tiresome. Informative content is relatable.