3 reasons your content isn’t paying off

Churning out content but not seeing revenue increase? This could be why:

1. Your content isn’t good quality.

If it isn’t professional or journalistic in style, it won’t be taken seriously. Your followers will eventually stop viewing it and trade publications or business journals won’t pick it up.

2. Your content isn’t being distributed properly.

Perhaps your content is good but it’s just not getting seen? Content needs to be sent out via email, shared on social media, sent out to prospects and so on. Trying to get it syndicated in publications is key, too.

3. Your content isn’t relevant enough.

Make sure your content is always relevant to your audience. Thinking about how your product or service solves customers’ problems helps you come up with new content topics. For example, a clinic that treats allergies can turn to thousands of allergy talking points encountered from their patients.