Everyone eventually gets them. No company is immune to it. And that’s okay. But what do you do when it is unwarranted gibberish?

Here are some tips for handling negative comments:

1. Reply: Often, responding professionally to negative comments is good customer service. Accept and acknowledge the criticism and offer a solution if the complaint is valid.

2. Block the trolls: If you have someone who constantly leaves negative comments – whose sole aim is to bash the brand – block them. This way they cannot make any further comments on your posts under that profile.

3. Wait. Delete. Repost: This is the extreme option, as it wipes the slate clean – meaning the positive responses are gone as well. Do this only if there is no other way to clean things up.

Many companies struggle a fair bit with managing negative social comments. But employing some basic techniques such as those above should give you the control needed to keep things in good order.