3 ways content marketing drives sales

Content marketing drives up your sales in three key ways:

1. It nurtures leads like nothing else. Email marketing works beautifully if you have great content to distribute. If you send eight mailers per month, make four of them high-quality content pieces that offer genuine value. Creating this blend of value and promo is the best way to get sales leads through your email send-outs.

2. It strengthens your brand. A stronger brand means more sales. Whatever your industry, if you are producing valuable content, your trust factor rises. In turn, it boosts your brand – and your brand becomes highly-regarded as well. And your prospects and customers think of you when it’s decision time.

3. It leads to referrals. Get the word out through good content – that is content that genuinely addresses customer challenges – and people who receive that content will share it with others. The result? Business through referrals.