A key social media mistake: Irrelevant posts

Research from Sprout social found that 51% of those surveyed said they would unfollow a company’s social page if posts were consistently irrelevant or lacked value. The consensus was clear ­– if your post isn’t helpful or suitable, you will lose your followers.

That was the case with Nesquik. They tried to launch National Bunny Ears Day – but it did not go to plan. It came with an accompanying app, but none of their fans understood why it was relevant or why they had to download another app.

On the other hand, fashion retailer Boohoo knows how to keep its young target audience hooked. They engage well-known influencers for endorsements, reference popular pop culture, and use a laid-back tone.

So, ask yourself, “Are my social media posts relevant to my target audience?” When starting a conversation with your followers, make sure you do two things: 1) Pick a relevant topic; and 2) Make sure it adds value.