AI is now part of the LinkedIn platform

AI is everywhere. And as we mentioned in a recent full-length blog, it’s only a matter of time before AI is integrated in some form or another into most of the popular software and platforms we are using daily for both work and leisure.

So what is happening on LinkedIn? A few different initiatives are underway by the business social media platform owned by Microsoft (a heavy investor in OpenAI). One announcement recently was the addition of a GPT tool that will write your profile summary for you – so long as you are a LinkedIn Premium user. No doubt it will read similar to the AI-generated profile summaries of every other LinkedIn Premium user. But that’s the price you pay for getting a machine to do the work for you.

As for employers, LinkedIn AI support will help you generate job descriptions. All you need to do is provide the basic info and the tool will do the rest.

Still the early days of AI and much of the applications of it are indeed rather superficial. But on the work application front you can bet we will all be watching this space very closely.