Are you social selling?

The COVID-19 pandemic boosted online shopping, including social media shopping. The current surge in the popularity of online buying among people is a boon for social commerce – with social commerce itself being the next logical step in the evolution of ecommerce.

Here’s what the numbers tell us:

  • With 90% of customers aware of brand accounts on social media and just 10% avoiding brands’ social media pages, there is an immense potential for engagement and eventual selling of products.
  • Millennials and parents with children under 18 are the demographics most interested in social commerce (80% plus). Gen Z at 68% follow closely behind.
  • Asian consumers are the most likely to use social media to research items before making a purchase (at 27%), while white consumers trail in second place at 24%.

Social commerce is becoming crucial as the next generation of consumers grow into adulthood and earn money. How is your company preparing?