Bad content = perceived bad offering

Bad content is everywhere. You see it daily. But what effect does it have on consumers?

Short answer: they relate it to your offering. So bad content means bad products or services in the customer’s mind. Think about it. Would you trust a brand that had content littered with spelling or grammatical errors? Or used inaccurate facts in blogs? Or whose content was aimless, thoughtless or overly promotional?

No. You wouldn’t. It’s off-putting and makes you click away from the web page.

So how do you turn it around?

The key is producing high-quality content – preferably lots of it, but if you have to make a choice between quality and quantity opt for the former. It should provide vital, relevant information to your reader. If you’re time-pressed, outsource to a dedicated content marketing agency that can produce outstanding content and advise on positioning your brand as a thought leader.