Blog your way to massive organic traffic

Google “blogs, SEO, and web traffic” and you will find plenty of statistical data showing how effective blog articles are in increasing organic traffic.

At Silx, we have case studies where we have grown our customers’ organic traffic from a few hundred to over 15,000 monthly – through the creation of a vast content library. The leads that come through as a result are immense.

It does however depend on your industry. Some sectors have relatively little monthly search traffic, while others have a lot which are not necessarily relevant.

If you are in a high organic-traffic sector, ensure then that you publish a healthy amount of professional SEO-focused blogs monthly. And by “professional” we mean using the proper structure, keyword strategy, and length – while ensuring the entire piece is a nice read.

Producing quality SEO articles is not easy and requires an experienced team. So pick a good content agency to help create your articles. Because when it comes to SEO content, you’re more likely to get next to no traffic if done incorrectly.