Can webinars enhance sales?

You betcha. Webinars shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to your content marketing – they’re basically a form of visual content.

We found out through GoToWebinar that 69% of registrations happen in the last week before the event date, so don’t stress out if you’re not seeing people sign up straight away. In fact, 33% of signups occur on the day itself! So they definitely experience a certain last-minute hype.

You know what they say – timing is everything. It’s true for webinars too – so pick a time that works well for your target audience’s time zone. But be aware that around one third of registrants watch the webinar replay rather than attending live, with BrightTalk saying 47% of on-demand views happen 10 days after.

So it may not all kick-off on launch day but webinars are definitely effective for lead generation; Wyzowl discovered 87% of marketers found webinars effective, in fact.