Does ‘fear’ in content mean sales?

The ‘fear of missing out’ or ‘fear of not taking action’ are powerful emotions. And drama is a tool you can use to ensure you drive home your messages.

Remember: people purchase on emotion, then justify it rationally afterwards.

A tax advisor might produce content that highlights the problems of taxes filed incorrectly. While that content will address how to ensure you don’t incur penalties (your content, after all, should be helpful above all else), being clear on the dire consequences will trigger an emotional response.

Or let’s say you’re in cybersecurity. Your content might be talking about how to ensure data is kept safe, but you’ll also use ‘fear’ to drive home the business consequences of a serious security breach. In short, everything is at stake – make sure that’s clear in your content.

While this isn’t the approach for every industry, using emotion can nudge your leads towards sales.