Elevate your marketing with immersive 360-degree video

Immersive 360-degree video tech is nothing new. But it’s not as widely used as it should be. That will change more and more as hardware and software continues to advance, and the creation process becomes easier and easier.

That said, there are plenty of agencies who specialise in creating such videos, and if you have a product or service that can be nicely highlighted using 360 immersive, it’s worth doing.

A great example is that from one of our clients in the shared office space – they use this video format to showcase their different offices and common seating areas. These are very convincing visuals that allow the prospect to discover the surroundings in a much clearer way then 2D images allow for.

An immersive experience where 360-degree vids are at the forefront is going to sweep marketing. The user is not just watching the scene, but is in the middle of it. A much more convincing sale, wouldn’t you say?