Emotional digital ads drive higher sales

A recent study by Pinterest found that digital ads with a higher-than-average emotional impact yielded six times more brand lift, resulting in more engagement and higher sales. The study provided tips for advertisers to follow when developing their ads:

  • Appeal to the right brain: This is done through demonstrating a clear sense of place and characters.
  • Use cultural moments: Do this by referencing shared cultural moments (holiday gifting for example).
  • Leverage fluent devices: This has to do with recurring characters and scenarios. Such tactics reinforce memory structures and support long-term effectiveness.
  • Be visually compelling: Whatever Pin format you choose (static image or video) follow the rules of excellent art direction. Don’t compromise on ad quality.

It’s all about making ads memorable to drive incremental action intent. If you get these things right – on Pinterest or any platform for that matter – it should lead to a positive impact on sales.