Facebook fully in control on the ad front

No platform stands close to Facebook when it comes to social media advertising. With an active user base of 2.9 billion, it remains the dominant ad resource for marketers on both the B2B and B2C front. The most recent stats are beyond impressive:

– 90% of marketers chose Facebook for social media advertising in 2023.

– 53% of marketers plan to Increase their usage of Facebook in the coming year.

– Instagram (also part of Meta) ranked as the second most used platform for social media advertising, with an 80% share among respondents.

– Statistics show that only 26% of respondents named TikTok as their top platform for social media ads.

– Meta (owner of FB and Insta) holds 55% of the global social media advertising market.

So, if there were any concerns that Facebook was a fading platform, think again. This social network is only getting stronger. How are you advertising on it?