Facebook still the most important platform for SMEs

Although the media will have us from time-to-time questioning the relevance of Facebook in light of platforms like TikTok, the fact remains that FB is still the dominant player in the social media space.

And according to a recent survey, when it comes to generating business for SMEs, Facebook is the clear frontrunner — with Instagram and YouTube taking the next two slots.

It really does of course come down to a numbers game:

– Almost 3 billion monthly active users.

– 67% of monthly users are active daily.

– Second most-used global app based on usage time (only YouTube tops it).

– Users spending on average 20 hours a month on FB.

So whatever you think about FB, or whatever the media may want us to think about its declining relevance or importance, the numbers, as we can see, tell the real story. So ensure your FB marketing efforts are active, because there are customers to be won here.