For profitable content, workflow is key

Nail the client-agency workflow so you can get the best content and the best sales.

If you create content you’re in the publishing business, so you need an airtight workflow where everyone does their part. This includes:

  • Agency topic research and client feedback
  • Agency brief development, client review and sign-off before the content goes into production
  • Writing, editing and iterations: the writer gets to work, the editor polishes it, the client reviews (and there may be updates until it’s signed-off for publication)

Although it’s simple when done right, some client-agency relationships aren’t as seamless. When the workflow isn’t followed to a tee, workload increases, timings shift and deadlines are missed.

The bottom line? Stick to a successful workflow formula which has interaction and sign-off built into the roadmap. That’s a winning project and that’s what will create efficient, successful content that leads to business wins.