Google Bard now answers questions about YouTube videos

Well here is a neat one: Google Bard now summarizes footage when you give it the URL of a YouTube video.

It’s a neat one because Bard’s expanding capabilities could lead to greater engagement for content creators.

To make it all happen, you will need to set things up. It’s a fairly straightforward process that requires you to integrate Bard with YouTube. That’s all done by turning on the extension on the Bard website.

You can then go ahead and start up a conversation with Bard. Could be anything from “show me a video of how to fix a bike tire” or “show me a video of how to make a carrot cake.”

Bard will then answer the prompt by serving a collection of videos from YouTube. Users can then prompt for more details about a video’s content, such as: “give me the recipe for the second carrot cake video,” or even more detailed information such as “what is the baking time?” or “how many people will this cake serve?”

It just keeps getting cooler.