Google page 1 is how you make money

Hold up, there are of course plenty of ways to make sales. However, when it comes to Google, did you know that a whopping 95% of people only ever look at the first page of search results?

Now if your content isn’t optimised and is appearing on Google page 2 or even deeper into the web, you’ve already lost out on almost everyone. So, how do you optimise? Keywords are the trick. For instance, if you’re a pharmaceutical company and you’ve got a piece on “how to buy the best headache relief”, then people interested in this will certainly be using that as a search term. Make sure your H tags are relevant and your keywords strategically placed.

Nowadays, because SO much content is search-engine-optimised, it really comes down to great writing skills, too. If your content is bad, it’s not getting a look in on Google page 1.