Google says domain name will not make or break your SEO

Chief SEO genius at Google, John Mueller, recently offered some clarifying advice about domain names.

At the top level, he aimed to clarify for the umpteenth time that the specific domain name you choose will “not make or break your SEO”.

He added a couple of additional points of clarity:

  1. He said that it’s fine to use dashes in domain names. In fact, he noted that dashes are “minimally better” than underscores. (Let’s not ask why.)
  2. He also advised those in charge of SEO to pick a domain name for your brand for the long run. In other words, don’t just stuff it with keywords.

SEO is, as we always say, a thousand small things that add up to a positive result when done well. Ultimately, it is about honest, relevant content. All the “technical bits and bobs” like this one here are important, but just not that important.