Google says success with SEO comes down to persistence and curiosity

According to Google, you will need two things to succeed with SEO going forward: Curiosity and persistence.

On the persistence front, we get it. As we tell all our clients, SEO takes time. There really are no shortcuts that lead to sustainable, quality SEO results. The simple fact is that a well-executed SEO campaign will still take a good six months before things start to stick and the upward trend begins to reveal itself. Upfront investment and a good amount of patience is needed.

Ok, so curiosity. Now what is meant here? Google specifically had this to say: “You should always ask yourself ‘why?’. Why are some of your web pages more successful than others? Why did that article hit the top 10 for a specific keyword in Google search results?”

These type of answers from Google reveal a very simple truth about SEO: It is always, at the core, about giving the user the information he or she is looking for. So the answer to your “why” is most likely always going to be: Because those pages very strongly addressed the user query. They are relevant and complete. And that is what you want every time when developing content for your SEO efforts.