Google warns about AI-generated content

In case you missed the news, there’s something called ChatGPT which is pretty good at creating AI-generated content. Well, plenty of companies (big and small, famous and not-so-famous) moved a bit too quickly and started publishing AI-generated content to their websites.

That’s a no-go, says Google. While Google has not fully revealed how they plan to counter it, we can assume they have a few bits of technology at hand or in the works to ensure AI-generated content is flagged and therefore does not flood their SERPs.

And straight from the horse’s mouth, here is what a Google rep had to say: “As said before when asked about AI, content created primarily for search engine rankings, however it is done, is against our guidance. Google will take action against content generated through automated processes.”

Sounds ominous. So what to do from here? Well, if anything, take it as a loud reminder of this one simple fact: There really are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO.