Half of consumers can spot AI content

Which of course means half cannot. And so, were they just guessing?

Hard to say. Millennials, aged 25-34, were actually more successful than other groups in spotting AI content, suggesting this was more than just a guessing game.

Let’s look at some more stats:

  • US consumers are the most clued up on the signs of AI-generated content, with American participants 10% more likely to spot when content is AI-generated.
  • A study of UK citizens found only 26% have used a generative AI tool.
  • 52% of consumers cited that they will become less engaged if they believed the copy was AI-generated.
  • 26% of participants would feel the brand is impersonal if the copy does not feel human-written, and 20% would feel that the brand is lazy.
  • If a consumer is interacting with a chatbot that they suspect is AI-generated, over 30% would think the associated brand is impersonal.

The last three bullets show why we should care. Yes, generative AI is just getting started, and will just get better, but we have to keep its value in perspective. Should the perceived value of that content go down as content’s value in general fades with the abundance of AI-generated texts, what happens to the value of brands?