Have you ever considered advertising on Quora?

Quora isn’t just some whacky Q&A site. It’s home to 400 million users, and covers just about every topic under the sun.

Since 2009, Quora has been steadily answering all kinds of questions – from tech to food to relationship topics. Here are some reasons to consider this platform for advertising:

  • It’s less costly than the main platforms: Drive huge amounts of traffic to your site on relevant terms, without blowing the budget.
  • The audience is engaged: Studies show that click-through rates on Quora ads are in fact higher than some of the other popular platforms.
  • Targeting is quite solid: Wide reaching, with opportunities to target contextual topics, lookalikes and user behavior.

It’s worth testing a small subset of your marketing budget on Quora for your ad campaigns. If you do, let us know the results.