Have you tried out user-generated content?

One of the hot trends in video content now is that of user-generated content. And there’s perhaps no better way to show the power of community than to get your clients to create and share their own videos.

Of course, you’ve got to have relevance. You need to make sure those videos are relating to your brand. Here are the three musts of user-generated content:

  • It needs to feature your product or service front and centre – showing how it is used, and showing what the benefits are.
  • It needs to be interesting: Easier said than done. But you do this by giving guidance in the form of a challenge to your customers who are then responsible for translating that into a winning video.
  • It needs likeable, authentic participants. They have to be good on camera.

And remember to incentivise (has to be something substantial in it for those willing to create for you). But do give it a try – a user-driven storytelling experience creates a strong connection between brands and their audiences while encouraging a more organic spread of content.