How influencers can tarnish your brand

A recent European study on influencers has concluded that those who do not disclose adverts and commercial content within their posts are damaging the influencer industry in general.

And the numbers are quite high when it comes to not following best practices here, with the study revealing that 80% of influencers on social are not disclosing when the content is commercial (as is in fact the law in the EU and the UK).

The study suggests that due diligence on the matter in fact lies with the companies first and foremost, and not necessarily the influencers. In other words, when working with influencers, the companies need to make it clear that they expect the influencers they partner with to clearly disclose when a post is an ad.

But what’s the real problem here? Well, the concern in general is that by not disclosing ads, the consumer is being deceived, which is then harmful to the actual brand in question.

What do you think? Is it really that big a deal?