How to get your videos ranking in Google’s SERPs

Getting your videos ranking nicely with Google comes with a new requirement: Thanks to a recent Google update, for your videos to even qualify for search results, the vids now have to be the main content of the page.

Google has been hinting at the change for some time, and according to the search giant, it’s all about better connecting the users with the video content they are looking for.

For those on the SEO side of things, here is what Google specifically has to say: Google will “only show video thumbnails next to results on the main Google Search results page when the video is the main content of a page.”

Here are some specific examples of what would not qualify, according to Google:

–        A blog post where the video is complementary to the text rather than the primary content of the page.

–        A product details page with a complementary video.

–        A video category page that lists multiple videos of equal prominence.

So get to doing your homework – and converting your video pages where necessary to meet the new rules.