How your content is altruistic

Did you know that writing content is actually a good deed? Well, it can be, and here’s why…

 We reckon you’ve worked pretty hard to get to your current position. You’ve made it to the top and now you have the opportunity to give back to your community, to the up-and-coming talent perhaps.

When you were younger, there was probably someone you looked up to or somebody who acted as your mentor as you built your career. So think of putting content out as providing advice for a ‘younger you’.

Naturally, leaders-to-be will seek out your expert advice. So you’re not just giving back but you’re forging strong relationships with the talent of the future.  As well as being altruistic then, good content means your company will attract the best fresh talent – they will remember the helpful advice you shared and they’ll want to be a part of your business!