How’s your email reach looking?

We can calculate reach from impressions and click-throughs.

Say your email links through to an article you’ve written: impressions are the number of people who see the email; click-throughs are those who view the article.

Click-throughs are often prioritised but even if your audience sees your name, logo and article summary, you’ve still made (excuse the pun) an impression.

We have two key strategy tips to help with your email distribution:

1. Avoid email list stagnation

Did you know HubSpot estimates your email list degrades by 2.1% every month? That’s a quarter of your email list out-of-date after one year! Keep your list current through web pop-ups and digital ad campaigns.

2. Stay consistent with send-outs

Research shows more emails equal more click-throughs. If you send 1-2 emails per month, you’ll gain a click-through rate of 3%; sending 16-30 emails a month will increase your click-through rate to 6.2%.