HubSpot and TikTok team up for B2B    

When you think of a social media channel for B2B marketing, it’s all about LinkedIn. But the ultimate in business platforms might just be getting some competition from an unlikely contender – namely, TikTok.

So what’s behind all this? Well, TikTok is partnering with HubSpot to streamline B2B lead generation. It’s all done through the HubSpot CRM, which now integrates with TikTok to capture leads.

To set all this up, you simply have to link your TikTok for Business account to the HubSpot software, then create lead-gen ads on TikTok that sync with the CRM.

The service will first only be available in the US and Canada, but keep an eye on things to see when it will be available in your territory. This one will definitely be one to try – if purely out of curiosity.