Instagram Reels is having a good run

According to a recent report, Instagram Reels is on a roll – and in fact is significantly outperforming its TikTok counterpart when it comes to driving views.

And contrary to all the rave around short-form vids, it’s in fact the long-forms that are dominating. That’s those 90+ second vids. They’re getting loads of views, and keeping viewers engaged throughout.

For us marketers, take note, as there are a couple of other findings from the study that you may want to factor into your ad planning:

  1. IG Stories outperform Reels – by a factor of five.
  2. Facebook Reels outperforms standard Facebook videos, with three times the number of median views.

As a digital marketer, these sort of facts are telling, and truly not to be ignored. You’ll want to be A/B testing all key platforms and platform features to see what works best for your particular campaign goals.