Is content marketing global?

In a word, yes!

In every major market, content marketing is taking off. Companies realise that their competitors are doing it and so, if they don’t, they’re handing customers over. It’s prominent around the world because if businesses don’t utilise it, they risk shrinking.

Whilst historically, marketing was all about promos, the modern age of marketing demands value. How does your product solve a problem? How’s your content more engaging than another brand’s? If you can’t demonstrate value, you’re a goner.

Need an example? Say you’re a language school director. You can’t just tell people you’re great and hope to attract students. You need free, short language learning videos to demonstrate your teaching abilities and know-how. If these are done well, they’ll garner you a following – and these leads will turn into sign-ups and paying customers over time.

Content is taking over so make sure you’re keeping up.