Long content versus short content

Sure, you need to invest in long content – but don’t overlook short pieces as well.

Most B2B content is work-related and most people sitting behind a desk all day are busy (or at least pretending to be).

By making informative reads that are as short as possible, you’re doing your audience a favour. Constantly serving them content that takes seven minutes or more to read is only going to annoy them.

Let’s be honest, B2B content isn’t always riveting. If it’s not page-turning stuff, then people are reading it because they feel they have a responsibility to do so rather than for fun! They know business is competitive and they need to stay up-to-date on topics to have a competitive edge.

Reading B2B content is work, after all. So do your audience a huge favour and make content as brief as you can.

They’ll thank you.