Look at the BIGGER picture

Pssst… our clients don’t over-analyse the metrics! Of course it’s important to study and learn from results but the reality is that content marketing success comes from the sum of its parts. Don’t take a narrow-minded approach.

There are so many things that can’t be easily measured:

  • Becky sent her friend Dawn a mailer, Dawn called you and bought something over the phone
  • Peter saw your search ad but didn’t click on it; later, he went to your site, WhatsApped your sales team and they closed the deal
  • Jasmine saw your article syndicated in a magazine, went to your website and emailed you about an order
  • Mohammed commented on your social post, one of his Facebook contacts saw it and went to your site, requested a call back and you closed the deal

It’s not always 100% tracked but if your revenue has gone up, that’s rather easy to measure.