Losing half your potential?

Digital campaigns need content to perform well. Without content at the core of your campaign, you will realise less than 50% of your marketing potential.

Content is not an add-on. Content drives digital and is the strong foundation for an effective digital campaign.

1.  Campaigns are purely promotional without content. And nobody wants that. Think how much digital content comes at you daily and how much is full-blown promo messaging. Do you pay attention to it? We don’t think so. Your audience is more likely to connect with something that has value to them – relevant content not straight-up sales.

2.  Content nurtures. For instance, a potential new client fills out a form (thus becoming a lead) but it could take months for them to actually purchase something. How do you stay in touch with them in the meantime? Through quality content. They’ll remember this when it’s their time to buy.