Low conversion rates? Get content

Without content, digital marketing is watered down – kind of like soup with not much taste.

So how do you give it some spice? And make it more effective?

Think of it this way: You collect leads through your digital ad campaigns. Let’s say you secure 200 or so leads per month. Of those, most are not ready to buy on that first call. Or the second. Or even the third. In fact, many take months to convert.

So how are you staying in touch? Sure, your sales people can call and call, but it can start to become annoying on the part of the (potential) customer over time. But what if you were to send those prospects emails with engaging, informative, helpful content?

That way you’re keeping in touch, staying current in the prospect’s mind, without being intrusive or overtly salesy. Ready for when they’re ready to make a purchase.