Nurture through content and WIN customers

Why’s content better than other marketing tactics? Because it nurtures.

No matter how many leads you have, if they’re not nurtured, they won’t turn into sales. It all starts with people’s contact information – whether you’ve gained this through SEO efforts, digital ad campaigns or events. After this, it may take some time to close a sale. So send these leads rich content via email. Stay in touch weekly and watch the lead blossom into new business.

If you’re in the financial services industry, for example, and Mrs Smith wrote to you for information, you’ll send the usual sales reply. Follow up a week later with a great article offering valuable personal financial advice. Continue the process until she’s convinced. Through the content, you’ve gained her trust and she’s now ready to engage. She’ll be buying from your firm, naturally.

See, content takes time but the pay-off speaks for itself.