Quality Content + Right Audience = Happy Regulars

Occasionally we have clients ask, “But who would find our content interesting?” To which we respond, “Who are you selling to?”

Because the people you are selling your products and services to will find your content useful – assuming you are focused on solving relevant problems with said content.

For example, if you sell baby food, you wouldn’t target single people. You would focus on parents with newborns who need to know every nugget of information you can provide on nutrition for their children. And to that audience, your content has value.

What about motorcycles parts? It wouldn’t be the parents with the newborns! It’s going to be auto-repair shops and motorcycle owners.

What about CrossFit gear? You would target gym-goers who want information related to training tips and gear.

In other words, if you know who your audience is, create material that speaks to them. This is how you succeed in making content marketing work for you.