Quick & easy content ROI checks

Your content’s planned, researched, written, edited, posted and distributed. How do you check the return of your investment?

  • SEO: Content can result in loads of traffic over time. For some of our clients, a single article pulls in over a thousand monthly views on an ongoing basis. Behind the scenes, we’ve optimised and carried out backlink efforts. This content creates leads (and eventually sales) through organic search.
  • Email: Content can nurture leads. Look into who’s opening and clicking through from your email list. Many of these are potential buyers and newsletters often push them to make a purchase.
  • Social media: Content gets your message out there and the numbers are important – how many people saw and interacted with your social post?

If you don’t have content, you can’t get people to your site via the methods above. And if people aren’t aware or interacting with you, you’re not selling.