Rank high in the SERPS with semantic SEO

We often hear warnings against keyword stuffing and how practices in SEO have changed over the years. But what does it mean into this new era of semantic SEO?

In short, semantic SEO is about writing in natural language which in turn is picked up by Google and ranked higher. It means creating content that is readable and genuinely useful. And while you can still include keywords and phrases, it’s ensuring they appear in the natural flow of the work.

Google will perceive your content as richer and more valuable if it can detect not just naturalistic keywords and phrases but also subtopics and other key terms and would be expected in such a piece of content. It does this by using NLP (natural language processing).

So ensure that you identify:

  • Key words
  • Key phrases
  • Subtopics

That are all organically woven into your content – to ensure you rank high.