Samsung will not replace Google with Bing on phones – for now

Recent speculation has been put to rest – with smartphone giant Samsung Electronics having abandoned plans to change the default search engine on its smartphones from Google to Microsoft’s Bing.

According to insiders, Samsung was taking the review seriously, but after exploring the option it decided to suspend any further consideration of a browser swap.

It would not have been a small deal. A sizable part of the revenue earned by search-engine companies comes, after all, from their long-term partnerships with phone makers such as Apple and Samsung – and speculation is that Google earns an estimated $3 billion in annual revenue from the Samsung contract.

The integration of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technology into Microsoft-owned Bing has driven people to the little-used search engine and helped it compete better with market leader Google in page visits growth. Was this what inspired Samsung’s consideration in the first place? Perhaps, but with Google set to launch its own AI search integration features (and previews look amazing), doesn’t seem like much will change anytime soon in terms of the search engine giant’s dominance.