Should you mention products in content?

You’re producing thought-leadership content. Should you name drop your product? Simple answer: nope!

Yes, it’s very tempting. But it’s actually a big no-no and can completely undercut your content efforts. If someone’s reading a thought-leadership piece and they’re finding it interesting and insightful, they certainly don’t want to suddenly feel like they’re being sold to. Everything they’ve just read suddenly feels untrustworthy and misleading. They’ll smell the promo a mile away…

On a deeper level, it could make the reader feel you don’t care about their needs or situation. You were just buttering them up to get them to pay you.

Avoid shouting about your products in this kind of content. After all, your contact details are at the bottom of your blog. So if the customers want to contact your company or indeed buy something from you, they will. Trust in the content.