The marketing personalisation challenge

While the importance of personalisation in marketing is clear, if you’re like most companies, you are not having an easy go at it. In a recent survey, two-thirds of marketers said it is the most difficult task to carry out. Let’s look at some of the key reasons for this:

  • Marketers need the ability to predict what their target audience is thinking and feeling. Even with all the intel available through digital, there is no magical formula here.
  • Building on the above, the traditional factors – like age, gender, location, education levels, financial status, general interests, and so on – are no longer enough.
  • While today’s tech can run real-time analysis and mine a wealth of data about the user, it’s dependent on customers opting in. Opt-ins are happening less and less.

Have you begun your marketing personalisation journey? If so, how are you addressing the above challenges?